Let’s face it; there isn’t a wedding couple out there that doesn’t dread the prospect of rain on their big day. But living in the UK sadly makes rain a very real possibility no matter what time of year you’re planning to tie the knot! So the best thing you can possibly do is prepare, prepare, prepare! The more prepared you are for the dreaded rain the less bothered you’ll be if the weather does decided to show it’s ugly wet face!


Many couples choose their venue because they fall in love with the outside space. However most venues do offer a ‘back up’ space in case of wet weather – some are really pretty and unusual so make sure you love the back up space just as much!



There are so many fun options out there for wellies nowadays that you’ll be spoilt for choice. It really can make for some brilliant photo opportunities. Consider getting them for your bridesmaids too!



Umbrellas should also be top of your shopping list – you could even go all out and get them to match your wellies. If you’re following a vintage theme there are some really pretty rain-proof parasols out there which will really add to a pretty vintage look.

Rain pours on a wedding day


Make sure you have the ‘what if it rains’ chat with your photographer before the big day. They should be able to discuss with you your options for indoors or under cover photos to make sure you’re happy with the Plan B.



When it comes to makeup think waterproof! Waterproof eyeliner and mascara is a must. During the summer, rainy days can often mean humid days so consider finding a makeup artist that offers airbrush make up – it’s all water-resistant so you’ll not only avoid the horror of streaky foundation but you’ll end up with a beautiful flawless finish that lasts very well in humid conditions.

Also remember the golden rule: no make up is 100% waterproof… so if it does rain (or you cry!) and your face gets wet… DAB it, don’t RUB it!

If your hair is prone to frizz you may want to have sorted a backup plan with your hairdresser. Perhaps even consider asking them to stay on until after your ceremony in case you need an emergency re-styling… from frizzy long locks to a super sleek up-do for the evening!



Although rain on your wedding day is less than ideal, if it does rain, it’s completely out of your control so there’s no point in getting stressed. Try to relax, smile and remember it’s your one and only wedding day so just go with it!